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Abilene Bed and Breakfast: Great Bed, Hold the Breakfast!

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Whatever events bring you to Abilene, Texas, you will maximize the enjoyment of your stay when you choose accommodations that can house you in comfort and style.

Rather than staying at a chain hotel next to a convention center or a standard Abilene B & B with a morning meal which leaves something to be desired, you can indulge yourself in luxury, comfort and privacy at Sayles Ranch Guesthouses. Once you experience them, you may never want to leave!

Special Accomodations

What is so special about Sayles Ranch Guesthouses? Oh, where to start. When you arrive at the Ranch, in the midst of Abilene’s historic district and many beautiful homes, the first thing you will notice is the way each guesthouse is perfectly decorated and appointed. Each of the guesthomes is decorated in the style of West Texas heritage, and includes not just Vera Wang beds with obscenely high thread-count sheets, but a well-appointed living area with comfy couches and cozy chairs. Additionally, each whole-house rental includes a fully-equipped designer kitchen and other amenities that will make you want to move in permanently and call this place home. This boutique group of guesthomes and cottages offers you a Texas frontier feel with the luxury of a very high-end resort and a price tag that is surprisingly affordable. One of the many attractive features of good bed & breakfast-type establishments is the character and charm of the owners. Sayles Ranch is no different, and the staff will treat you like family and do whatever they can to make your visit a memorable one.

The Benefits of a Sayles Ranch Guesthouse

The typical stay at a bed and breakfast is usually an enjoyable experience, although some people want to sleep in on their vacation, indulge in a different breakfast than what is offered or eat later, when breakfast is no longer available. When you stay at Sayles Ranch, you can set your own schedule and eat what you want, whenever you want. Stop by the Natural Food Center, less than a mile away, and pick up some healthy foods to prepare in your own completely-equipped kitchen and enjoy a wonderful breakfast, on your schedule, in the comfort of your own guest house.

Dining Out

If you can pull yourself away from enjoying coffee and relaxing on the sun porch, there are many dining establishments with a five-mile radius of Sayles Ranch. If you would rather step out for breakfast, La Popular Bakery Quick Stop is a well-known and loved restaurant that offers bakery items along with other menu choices such as tasty breakfast burritos. Indulge in pancakes at the International House of Pancakes, or stop by Jason’s Deli or Ronnie Ingle Pit Bar-B-Q for brunch. All are located within five miles of your guesthouse.

Life’s Necessities

You never know what you are going to need while on vacation, and although the owners at Sayles Ranch have anticipated your (almost) every need, you can find a Target and a Walmart within a few miles if you need to pick up a few things. Your stay at Sayles Ranch is just like being at home, but much better!

Things to Do in Abilene

While enjoying your stay, there are plenty of interesting things to do in Abilene. Start by exploring downtown Abilene’s historic district, complete with the original, restored train depot and the Grace Museum, which was once a hotel in the late 1800s. Abilene also has many churches that welcome you for services. Take a relaxing tour of the outdoor sculpture garden or take a short drive to visit Fort Phantom. You will find the old fort buildings, a large lake and acres of natural beauty to take in. If you are coming to Abilene to visit a son or daughter at one of the area’s colleges, or see them off for their first semester, Sayles Ranch is less than five miles away from both Abilene Christian University and McMurry University.

There are many reasons that people come to stay in Abilene, from college tours and weddings to sporting events and family visits. One of the things that can make your travels more enjoyable is the comfort and soothing relaxation you will experience when you set foot in one of Sayles Ranch’s guesthouses. Your stay will not feel like travel, because rather than an uncomfortable bed, thin linens and towels, small rooms and impersonal furnishings that all look alike, you will get to experience a true Western flavor and a unique, luxurious setting at Sayles Ranch.

Enjoy a beautiful Guest House and taste a variety of local cuisine during your stay in Abilene!

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