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Have you and your family ever attended a formal family reunion? Depending upon the number of family members you keep in touch with, a reunion could consist of an intimate gathering or it may involve a few hundred kinfolk. Regardless of how many people attend, reunions are always interesting as a vehicle to get to know your family history and understand more about how your direct ancestors conducted their lives. An important part of the overall reunion experience is your accommodations and the area in which you stay. Hopefully, the reunion is located in a place that has plenty of activities you can do with your fellow family members. When planning a reunion in West Central Texas, you and your family will not find better accommodations than the beautiful, stand-alone guest homes at Sayles Ranch, located in Abilene, Texas.

The goal of family reunions is to make them engaging and fun. Many families have reunions because they enjoy having a sense of belonging, satisfying their thirst for knowledge about their family genealogy and bonding with close and extended family members. Many people have become increasingly interested in their personal history, and they derive a sense of strength and insight from learning about their ancestors’ involvement in historical events that helped shape our nation. Some sources say that about 82 million individuals in America attend family reunions each year, and the numbers are increasing.

When you and your family need Abilene family reunion accommodations, Sayles Ranch can provide a stand-alone guest home for just one or two people, or one large enough to invite some of your extended family stay with you. Your guest home also provides a place in which you can invite family members back to during your stay, so that you can spend more time catching up with each other. The easiest way to find accommodations for a large reunion is to have each family make their own arrangements, and you have a variety of homes to choose from at Sayles Ranch. A family of six can stay at Sayle’s Falling Star Lodge, for example, and enjoy the splendor of Native American decor with Indian art and antique Navajo woven rugs while enjoying meals out on the screened-in porch. Another Sayles Ranch guest home, The Hideout, is a comfortable, cozy cabin for two that includes your own private courtyard with a bistro set, a recliner, sofas and a large flat screen TV for you to enjoy. Some guest homes in the Sayles Ranch collection can house 10 people, and come complete with a fully-equipped kitchen, private swimming pool, gas barbeque and fabulous upscale decor. You can even keep the young ones entertained with the included X-box and a big-screen TV while the adults enjoy watching the other two TVs.

Many people choose, out of habit, to stay at a regular hotel when traveling. However, if you want to avoid the cramped, uncomfortable hotel rooms and the sounds of loud and crazy people returning from late nights on the town, a Sayles Ranch guest home can fill these needs and many more. Although part of the fun of a family reunion is traveling away from home, travel also brings its share of inconveniences. When you stay in a Sayles Ranch guest home, you will feel like you are in your very own place. You can find all of the creature comforts of your own home at Sayles Ranch, including high-quality comfortable beds swathed in high thread count sheets, along with flat screen TVs, DVD players and a full kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances. The only dangerous part about staying at Sayles Ranch is that you will be so comfortable that you may not want to leave your guest home to participate in the reunion activities!

Take advantage of Abilene’s many local attractions during your family reunion stay and create chances to bond with family that you do not see very often. Many times, the person or committee in charge of planning your family reunion will have several events scheduled over the duration of the reunion so that everyone can have fun while they reminisce and get to know their family members better. Have fun and embrace your heritage with T-shirts, hats and other gear that has been imprinted with your family name and other identifying characteristics. This is a great icebreaker to help you meet new family members. Don’t worry about running out of clean shirts either — your Sayles Ranch guest home comes complete with an in-house washer and dryer, so you never have to worry about having a clean outfit for your next activity.

Explore Abilene and learn some of its interesting history. Whether your visit in Abilene consists of a packed schedule of family reunion activities or you have free time to plan some of your own outings, you will find plenty to do within a short distance of Sayles Ranch. Play a few rounds of golf on one of Abilene’s public courses, located a few miles away from Sayles Ranch. If your interests run more towards leisurely shopping, you can find plenty of boutiques and interesting stores in the downtown area of Abilene. Sayles Ranch guest homes are located in a historic district that is listed on the National Register of Historic Areas, so there is a lot of history in the immediate area for you and your family to discover. You can get additional glimpses of Abilene history when you see the older, renovated hotels and other buildings in the downtown area. There are several museums in the area, such as the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum and the Grace Museum, that can help you discover more of the interesting and exciting facts about Abilene’s history.

Enjoy the relaxing environment of your Sayles Ranch accommodations when you need to take a time out from all the action. Many of the Sayles Ranch guest homes come with a private patio or other features that can whisk you away to a place of relaxation and fun, whether on your own or with several family members. Each guest home has comfortable leather couches and other seating so that you can kick back and lounge in true comfort and style. The interior of each Sayles Ranch guest home has also been decorated in upscale, rustic frontier style that adds ambiance and a decorator-inspired Texas flair to your surroundings.

When choosing Abilene family reunion accommodations, make your experience special. You can start by staying at Sayles Ranch! You and your family may enjoy your stay and the reunion so much that you choose to come back every year to recreate the fun and memories. Take advantage of all the amenities in your guest home, and indulge in the variety of other activities in the area. As part of the family reunion, separate groups can break off and spend some time at the local spas or take in a play or musical at the Abilene Community Theater. Additionally, one of the top locations to visit in Abilene is the Abilene Zoo. Originally established in 1919, the Zoo has been in its current location since 2006 and always has something interesting happening.

Getting reacquainted with family members you rarely see and getting to know new members of your extended family is a wonderful way to build a sense of kinship and history. Family reunions offer the chance to have fun, spend more time with your loved ones and take a break from the daily grind. When you and your family reserve accommodations at Sayles Ranch, you will be welcomed into a beautiful, peaceful home-away-from-home that will make you want to come back again, year after year.

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