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When you do a lot of traveling for business, you know what it is like to spend days or possibly weeks in a cramped, sterile hotel room. One of the more recent trends in business travel to remedy this is extended-stay housing accommodations. Business travelers have needs for comfort, space and a home-like environment in their travel accommodations when on extended trips. When you stay at Sayles Ranch guest homes in Abilene, Texas, you get these features and much more.

Extended Corporate Stays

Not all business meetings, seminars or client issues can be wrapped up over a few days in the office or a weekend. Many times, executives must remain out of town at other locations for several weeks or months at a time. Cramped, impersonal hotel or motel rooms are not the best way for employees to remain happy, comfortable and productive. Corporate housing in Abilene, such as the guest homes at Sayles Ranch, provide special accommodations to keep employees and executives feeling like they are at their home away from home while on an extended stay out of town.

What is Corporate Housing?

Many hotels and motels are designed for travelers that only need to stay for a few nights. According to a 2011 Corporate Housing Annual Survey, about 70% of corporate housing rentals are due to business assignments, relocations, medical treatment or traveling nurses and other healthcare professionals. Corporate hotels and housing environments can be sterile, with the bare minimum of furniture and other necessities included. Some hotels offer extended-stay rooms or suites with a bit more space and more amenities. However, you never really feel like you are at home until you know what it is like to stay at a Sayles Ranch guest home. Each Sayles Ranch guest home is decorated individually, in an upscale style that has the flavor of the Texas frontier and a personal touch that leaves you feeling like you are a guest in a personal friend’s home, rather than in a hotel.

Benefits from an Employer’s Point of View

Corporate housing may actually be more cost effective than regular hotel rooms. A majority of corporate housing rentals have only one or two bedrooms, although Sayles Ranch has guest homes with up to four bedrooms. Sayles Ranch offers a variety of different-sized guest homes. If a team of employees needs to go on extended travel together for a project or attend an out-of-town corporate retreat, they can share one guest house. This increases team camaraderie, and the overall expense to house the employees could easily cost less than the separate hotel rooms. Additionally, because Sayles Ranch guest homes are completely equipped with a full kitchen, including crockery and utensils, employees can prepare meals in their guest home and do not have to feel forced to go out to expensive meals every night.

Quality of Life in an Extended Stay Residence

When you stay at Sayles Ranch, you can relax and enjoy yourself in the quiet comfort of your guest home. You do not need to worry about being interrupted by knocks on the door from the cleaning service, or loud neighbors that you can hear through thin walls. Additionally, when you stay in one of the guest homes that comes equipped with a private back patio or pool, you never need to deal with other inconsiderate guests who leave litter around or play loud music. Staying at Sayles Ranch is indeed almost like being in your own home, because the guest homes are situated in an upscale suburban neighborhood. This is a contrast from many of the usual hotel and motel properties that are located in busy, noisy urban areas or on inexpensive real estate next to a freeway. Whether you need to do work all day long in your guest home, or sleep all day after a week of tough business meetings, you do not need to worry about being disturbed by anyone.

Additionally, most corporate housing is generic. Often, the furniture is very simple and the furnishings are utilitarian. Even though you have more space in your accommodations than a hotel or motel room, there still is not any type of homey feeling. No hotel can compare to the feeling you can have when living like a local in the area in which you are staying. Anyone who has traveled and stayed for more than a few weeks agrees that extended stay housing located in actual neighborhoods, such as the guest homes at Sayles Ranch, is their best option.

What Features Can You Expect?

At Sayles Ranch, you have a fully equipped kitchen with full-sized appliances, a dining table and chairs, DVD player, high-speed Internet and high-end, comfortable beds. Additionally, you can relax at the end of your workday on a luxurious leather couch in front of your flat-screen TV. Sayles Ranch includes all of the features that you would want to enjoy in your own home after a long day at work, including designer bedding, high-end mattresses and fluffy Ralph Lauren towels.

What About Privacy?

As you probably know, not all hotel guests are well-behaved. Imagine that you have your hotel room reserved for 21 nights, and you see other hotel guests coming into the lobby after a night of drinking, with one guy on a luggage cart and his two buddies pushing him down the hallways while they all scream their heads off. Is this going to happen every night? At Sayles Ranch, your guest home is an actual, detached home that is located in a residential area. You never have to worry about being kept awake by other noisy hotel guests.

Extended travel assignments can get you involved in some interesting projects, but they take their toll when you have to return each night to a sterile, cramped environment that does not offer all of the amenities you want or need. Sayles Ranch is the answer to the common hotel room experience and your need for corporate housing in Abilene. Make your reservation today and discover why, once people come to Sayles Ranch, they never want to leave.

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