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In today’s fast-paced world, couples have far too little time to spend together doing the things that keep their relationships strong and healthy. If this sounds like you, one way to take a break from the hustle and bustle is to plan a special getaway trip for your anniversary, to a place called Sayles Ranch, located in the historic district of Abilene, Texas.

Why should you plan a getaway for your anniversary?

Dealing with job stress, keeping a tight schedule filled with the kids’ activities and handling all of life’s other responsibilities can take its toll on the best marriages. An anniversary getaway gives you and your spouse the chance to take a break from the daily grind. Some couples celebrate their anniversary by going out of town; others consider their trip like taking a new honeymoon every few years. Either way, it matters less what you have call the trip and more about the fact that the two of you are making time to spend together. Staying at a guest home at Sayles Ranch in Abilene, Texas can contribute to making your anniversary getaway a wonderful, unforgettable trip.

Planning the Perfect Getaway in Abilene

When you plan your getaway, where should you go? Why not travel to Abilene, Texas to enjoy your second honeymoon (and plan on leaving the kids behind!) Reserve your very own guest home at Sayles Ranch, and get ready to spend some quality time with your spouse in a luxurious, comfortable setting. For new parents, Sayles Ranch has guest homes with enough bedrooms that you can bring the baby and have a babysitter or nanny take care of them in a completely separate room or part of the house.

How to Maximize Your Getaway

Once you arrive at Sayles Ranch, you can plan activities and fill your days with fun for the both of you. There are many attractions, parks, the theater and wonderful restaurants within just a few miles of Sayles Ranch. As part of your trip agenda, it is important for you and your spouse to plan your activities with each other, and be honest with each other about your expectations for the trip. If you can stand to leave the comfort of your Sayles Ranch guest home, make sure that each of you has at least one activity that you really look forward to, and participate in the activity together as a couple.

The Benefits of Staying at Sayles Ranch

You and your spouse can choose to stay anywhere, but it is difficult to match the privacy, luxury and comfort you will find at Sayles Ranch. Each guest home is decorated in rustic Western style with an upscale flavor. Leather furniture, antique blankets and quilts, lots of wood and interesting decorator touches in each room make you feel as if you have been invited to stay in someone’s private decorator home.

What to Expect When You Arrive

When you arrive at Sayles Ranch, be prepared for an environment that feels like your own home. Each kitchen is complete with high-end appliances and all of the utensils and cookware you need to prepare many candle-lit dinners. You can stay in and watch movies together on the flat-screen TV, and luxuriate in the Vera Wang bed with high-thread count designer bedding. Be careful not to build too much into your daily schedule, because you may not want to leave the relaxed comfort and privacy of your Sayles Ranch guest home.

Which Anniversary?

According to historical tradition, each anniversary has a “name,” which is usually a type of material, flower or object that is traditionally given on specified anniversaries. For example, paper gifts are exchanged on the first wedding anniversary, while linen or silk gifts are given on the fourth anniversary. As the anniversary year advances, more expensive gifts are exchanged. Crystal is the 15th anniversary gift, and china is traditionally given on the 20th anniversary. Whether you and your spouse subscribe to this tradition, you may want to pack a special “surprise gift” to give your spouse on the night of your anniversary.

Fall in Love Again

When you set out for your trip to Sayles Ranch, make sure to bring the ingredients that help maintain happy, long-lasting marriages — patience, understanding and a good sense of humor. A short getaway vacation may not resolve relationship issues, but it can certainly renew your commitment to each other. Many couples consider renewing their vows on their anniversary getaway. In Abilene, there are many beautiful churches within just a few miles of Sayles Ranch that can accommodate you and your spouse if you choose to renew your commitment to each other.

You may not realize how important an anniversary getaway is until you and your spouse return from your first one. When you stay in beautiful accommodations that feel much more like a home than a stuffy hotel room, such as the guest homes at Sayles Ranch, you and your spouse can remember what it was like to be newly married without all of the life responsibilities that are taken on through the years.

Get the most out of your trip by planning activities at local Abilene attractions. Alternatively, since each Sayles Ranch guest home has all the comforts (and possibly more) than a regular home, you and your spouse may choose to stay in the relaxed comfort of your guest home for most of your trip.

Staying at Sayles Ranch can provide you with an indulgent feeling and a calm, private atmosphere that allows you and your spouse to remember why you fell in love in the first place. Plan your trip to stay at Sayles Ranch, and prepare for an experience that will keep you coming back there every anniversary thereafter.

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