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May 3, 2011 • Under:


Style Maker ~ Terry Browder

If you find yourself in Abilene, TX in need of a place to stay, be sure to check out “The Sayles Ranch Guesthouse” owned by Terry and Laura Browder. The Browder’s buy free standing homes and after Terry works his magic, they rent them out. A Texas style B&B… This one was named “Cotton Eyed Joe”, I love that table and the clever way Terry hides the flat screen , the walls, the raised ceiling ect. But the star of the home for me, has to be the floors !

I love Terry’s approach to design… ” I am not in to just buying stuff off a showroom floor and most of the stuff I use is either antique or just plain junk. I wouldn’t know Lee Jofa from Lee Harvey Oswald… often the deciding factor in how a room , or even how a house comes together is determined by what I find.”

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