FROM THE FOUNDER OF THE SAYLES RANCH GUESTHOUSES: I believe that almost everyone has an “inner cowboy” in them. I grew up loving to play “Cowboy and Indians”, and I idolized The Lone Ranger and Tonto! I know this is not unique to my experience because when we were removing the ceiling from the 85 year old Carriage House we call Cabin Fever, a vintage toy rifle fell from the rafters! Sometime in the long ago past, a kid was playing up in that attic and lost his toy gun. To me, that rifle is symbolic of what I have tried to achieve with The Sayles Ranch. It is a rediscovered link to a past “frontier adventure”. 

By staying at the Sayles Ranch, you are on that adventure and my goal is to release that inner cowboy in you. As you have figured out by now, the Sayles Ranch is not really a ranch at all, but it is a concept—a virtual reality. Oh yes, it is an enclave of beautiful houses–a place the stay while you are in Abilene, but, hopefully, it is more. It is a special place that was born of my love of West Texas, my love of Abilene and my desire to share so much of the beauty, aesthetics and history of this great part of Texas with people like you! Well over a hundred years ago, my great grandmother brought her children in a covered wagon to a patch of prairie land about 150 miles north of here. She was a widow, permanently lame from a horseback riding accident and financially destitute. She came out West to drive her stake in some of the last free land available for homesteading in America. From our family folklore I know that she endured great hardship and must have been one gutsy dreamer!

The Sayles Ranch is a tribute to my ancestors, and to yours and to all those people who braved unthinkable trials to pursue their dreams! With the Texas heritage décor I have attempted to evoke that pioneer spirit and create a place that will enhance your stay as our guest. The handmade Mesquite furniture, the antiques and all the hides, horns and hats evoke the romanticism of our ranching history. The good Lord has blessed my efforts, and I hope that in some small way, you are able to experience the “soul” of The Sayles Ranch concept when you stay here. I want you to feel like you have experienced a piece of our history and the spirit of our frontier heritage. Grab your toy rifle and let the adventure begin!

Terry Browder
Founder of the Sayles Ranch Guesthouses