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Abilene Family Reunion Accommodations

June 22, 2012 • Under: Abilene Upscale Lodging, Family Reunions


Call Today! 325.669.6856 Have you and your family ever attended a formal family reunion? Depending upon the number of family members you keep in touch with, a reunion could consist of an intimate gathering or it may involve a few hundred kinfolk. Regardless of how many people attend, reunions are[…]

Bed And Breakfast Re-Considered

May 24, 2012 • Under: Abilene Upscale Lodging


Abilene Bed and Breakfast: Great Bed, Hold the Breakfast! Call Today! 325.669.6856 Whatever events bring you to Abilene, Texas, you will maximize the enjoyment of your stay when you choose accommodations that can house you in comfort and style. Rather than staying at a chain hotel next to a convention[…]

Unique Extended Stay Housing

April 30, 2012 • Under: Abilene Upscale Lodging, Extended Stay


Enjoy Temporary Extended Stay Housing with Abilene’s Most Unique Short Term Accommodations Free WIFI | Kid Friendly | Free Parking | Air Conditioning | Free Abilene Attraction Guide! Call Today! 325.669.6856 If you are coming into Abilene, Texas for an extended stay you have a few choices in terms of[…]

Honeymoon Getaway Houses

April 30, 2012 • Under: Abilene Upscale Lodging, Honeymoon Getaway


Unique And Luxurious Honeymoon Getaway Houses in Abilene Texas Call Today! 325.669.6856 Whether your wedding is a fun, wild party or a sentimental, romantic event, the stress beforehand and the fast pace of your Big Day can make all of those memories blur together. The honeymoon is often the first[…]

Abilene Luxury Hotels

April 4, 2012 • Under: Abilene Upscale Lodging


If you did a Google search for “Abilene Luxury Hotels“, “Hotels in Abilene“, or any variation of those phrases, then you know that there are no four star or five star hotels in the Abilene area. The closest thing is one of the “three star” hotels. Three stars is as[…]